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In 1990, Sanyu Babies’ Home acquired a plot of land in Mityana District. The plot of land is approximately 25 acres in size. It takes approximately 1 hour to travel from our Sanyu Babies’ Home site in Mengo, Kampala to the farm. We use this land to grow a variety of crops. The main crops we grow are maize, beans, cassava and sweet potato.

Two things happen to the produce that we grow at the farm. The produce is either used at Sanyu or taken to market. At Sanyu, the items are used by the Kitchen – Catering Department and help ensure that our children and staff members eat a healthy and balanced diet. When we have excess produce, we sell it at market and generate an income for Sanyu.

We visit our plot of land regularly to ensure that it is being cared for and the crops are growing well. The farm visits are mainly done by Sanyu’s Accountant and Farm Supervisor and the Sanyu Driver, with the help of any other available staff members and volunteers. As we are not able to visit the farm daily, we have employed a caretaker from the local area who ensures that the land is well cared for and oversees the planting and production of crops. The caretaker is also responsible for hiring workers from the local villages to assist with farm work when necessary.

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